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Shabbir Tools Mart


We at Shabbir tools, are obsessed with punctuality and hence every effort is expended to ensure that the product reaches on time and is fit for purpose for minimal outlay. Also here, quality is never an after thought. It is embodied in the working system . So from the top management , to the last packer in line, quality is everyone’s job.

Our Vision


Our business stands on long lasting relationships which we have built on trust. We endeavour to become a valuable asset to those who entrust us with their business by becoming the best in class fasteners provider.


Our relentless focus and continuous improvement will steadily expand the length and width of our product line in response to market needs because ultimately the gratification of our prestigious clients is the measure of our success.

Our Mission


Our mission is to aid our customers on their way to success by consistently offering proven quality, demonstrated integrity, and uncompromising service.


We wish to achieve our vision by advancing in knowledge of progressive fastener technologies to provide our customers with the highest quality standard and custom type products.
We have set sail on our journey to continuously expand and adjust our sourcing model to meet and exceed the evolving needs of our customers.

Our Story

Shabbir tools , established in 1969 is a sought after dealer of requirement specific nuts and bolts supplying to companies like L&T, Bergen, Regen power tech and more.

In the broad spheres of construction, automobile, wind energy farms, agriculture, mining and more, there are countless places, our products reach and do their job holding firmly against dislodging forces.

With over 4.5 decades of experience under our belt and over 50 sub dealers spread wide, we have come a long way, evolving from a small enterprise to where we are today with just one philosophy guiding us – To strive for the best without ever compromising on quality and without ever sacrificing our valuable customer’s time.

We take pride in catering to highest specifications and most time challenged deliveries and are game for newer challenges.

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